Who Else Wants to Answer the Call?


I stared blankly out of the window.


What to name my blog?


I wanted something perfect – something that described exactly what my blog was all about. I moved slowly to the computer, and sat down. And suddenly it just came to me. A call. A dare.


Calling teen girls all over the world to stand out, to be godly in a sinful, dark world. Calling girls to make a statement, to be a light.


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My blog is calling teen girls to know God, find purpose, and love life.


Those are the three biggest things in my life and I’m sure in many teen girls’ lives. They are also probably the three hardest things for a teen girl to overcome and excel in.


To know God – the most important thing in anyone’s life is to know God and connect with Him. Establishing a strong faith in God will help you in everything you do in life.


To find purpose – life can so often seem pointless, frustrating and purposeless.


To love life – as a teen girl living in this world, in the 21st century, it’s easy to hate life. It can be so confusing, hard and meaningless.


If you are a teen girl out there who struggles with any, or all, of the above, this blog is for you.

I want to encourage other teen girls like you out there.


My goal is for God to be the top priority in your life. I want you to have purpose, a motive in life. I dare you to overcome your selfishness, self-consciousness and frustration and actually love life.


Teen girls: we need to stand up, speak out and grow up.


As a 14-year-old teen girl, I often feel useless.


I mean, like what can a teenage girl do, right? A lot. Much, much more than you or I can imagine. We need to stand up – get off our iPhones and stop lazing on the couch. Turn off the bad, destructive pop music. Put on some decent clothes.


We need to speak out. Stop standing in the corner and worrying about somebody spotting your latest pimple, or noticing your big nose. Go out there and reach out to others.


My dear fellow teen girl – I struggle, just like every other teen girl.

But I wanted to do something. It is during this time of our lives that our character is shaped. The decisions we make now will affect us for the rest of our lives. I wanted to encourage you to know God, find purpose, and love life. I wanted to have a blog where teen girls all over the world can answer to the call. I wanted a blog where teen girls could glorify God and learn to become young women of faith.


So, Calling Teen Girls was created. It is a call to all the teen girls out there – to you. Will you respond to the Call?

One response to “Who Else Wants to Answer the Call?”

  1. Yael Sered says:

    Yes!!!! I will respond to that call!!!