Hi there Teen Girl,


My name is Aviel, a 15-year-old Jewish teen girl with struggles and joys, just like every other teen girl out there. I am a sinner saved by grace, and am constantly learning to trust God in every aspect of my life. God is my King of Kings, and I want to serve Him in everything I do.

I live in New Zealand with my family. I am the eldest of 6 children, and daughter of wonderful parents. I homeschool along with my two brothers and two sisters. My father is a missionary, and my mother is a stay-at-home mom, homemaker, mother, friendand leading example and inspiration to me in my life.


I really enjoy: writing, cooking, playing the piano, studying the Bible, sewing, dressing up, shopping, eating chocolate, movies and books, drawing, babysitting, helping my mom with the household chores, blogging, music, exercising, funny stories, celebrating Jewish feasts and traditions, going out on dates with my mom, hanging out with friends, phone calls, graphic designing, and spending time with God (not in that order 🙂 ).


I write to teen girls about all kinds of issues and topics ranging from modesty, to practical tips on how to tidy your room.


I write from the perspective of a believer, as Jesus is the Lord of my life.


When you visit my blog, it is my prayer that you will be challenged, encouraged, inspired, motivated, uplifted and refreshed.  I am writing to glorify God and to help you in life. I don’t have all the answers, (in fact, I don’t have most of them!) but I hope that you will learn from and be encouraged through my experiences, struggles, frustrations, joys, difficulties, excitements and tips.


I can relate to you completely, dear friend. And the most awesome thing about this blog is that we can learn and be encouraged together, and that we can share with each other – teen girl to teen girl.

You can be assured that you are not the only one struggling, as there are many other teen girls on the planet who struggle too.
I’m here for you!
I try to write a blog post weekly on Fridays, but if I get too busy, am away, or unwell, then will post fortnightly on Fridays. You can find me on Google+ and on my site, Calling Teen Girls.
A couple of examples of what I write about are below. You may want to start with these two posts:
I’m so excited that you answered the call to know God, find purpose and love life in a world where teen girls just don’t do that sort of thing.
I hope this blog helps you to do just that.
God bless you and continue to seek Him in all that you do!
With my love and blessing,
Aviel xox