4 Ways You Can Be a Godly Teen Girl

“Go away!” Katy yelled at her brother, “And if you dare EVER to come into my room again without permission, you will be sorry!”
Katy slammed the door, flopped back onto her bed, and got back to reading the intense romantic novel she sneaked from the library without her mother’s notice.
Katy looked up reluctantly and called back, “What do you want now, mom?”
Her mother opened the door to Katy’s bedroom; right after Katy carefully pushed the forbidden book under her pillow.
“Honey, you need to come set the table for dinner now, please.”
Katy stormed down the steps behind her mother, stomping her feet as loudly as she could. Once in the dining room, Katy sulkily threw plates, forks and cups all over the table and then stormed straight back up the stairs and back to her precious novel.
After a rushed dinner, Katy ran upstairs to get changed for youth group. She put on her most immodest and seductive clothes, and applied a thick layer of eye makeup.

Her mother gasped in horror when she saw her daughter.


“There is no way you are going like that! Go put on something more modest.”


After several minutes of shouting and arguing, Katy ran back up to her room and put on her shortest skirt and a shirt that didn’t show her stomach. Her mother started to say something in protest, but Katy ignored her and ran out the door, slamming it behind her.


Can you relate to Katy? How many times have we, as teen girls, given in to the temptation of rebellion and ungodliness?


How can a teen girl be godly even when nobody expects her to?
Katy was a typical teenage girl – selfish, rebellious, ungodly and disrespectful. People expected her to be that way. Why? Simply because she was a teen girl. We have earned ourselves that kind of a reputation by acting like Katy did.
It’s time we did something about it.
We can actually do the unthinkable and be godly teen girls in a corrupt generation. Tweet
We live in a society where the words “godly” and “teen girl” don’t go together. As teen girls, we need to start behaving like mature young ladies. We have to learn how to be godly in a world that doesn’t expect us to.

So, here are 4 ways you can be a godly teen girl

1. To be Godly you need God.Tweet God is the only one who can make you Godly. You can act or behave in a godly way, but God is the only one who can help you actually be godly. Establish a good relationship with God and ask Him to help you – He will.


2. Serve others – selflessly. Serving others helps you not to be so focused on yourself and your  shortcomings. By serving, and being selfless, you grow spiritually. Jesus came to earth to die for us because He was selfless and serving. Serving others displays maturity and godliness.


3. Genuine love. Love others sincerely, listen to them. Just care. One of the most ungodly attitudes in the don’t-care attitude. Imagine Jesus didn’t care about us, and left us to burn in Hell. Instead, Jesus cared so much about us, He cared enough to die a painful death for us. Love others and genuinely care about them.


4. Be thankful. Have an attitude of gratitude for everything. There are so many things in life that we take for granted that we don’t deserve. Thank God for all His the ways in which He has blessed you. Write a note to your parents thanking them for all they do and have done for you. They sacrifice things for you that you don’t even know about.


To be godly is to go against our sinful nature, but with God’s help, we can do it.


How are you going to be godly today?

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