What No-one Tells You About Happiness


Happiness. We chase after it as teen girls more than we chase after anything else in this world. We long for it. We trade our values, everything for it. It is the deepest desire of every one of our foolish hearts.


And yes, we are foolish. We are foolish to place so much value on this, this… lie. This illusion called happiness.


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I have discovered something in 2016 that changed my life forever. And I want to share it with you, dear friend. For it will save you so much sadness, emptiness, and destruction.

Every teen girl needs to know the truth about happiness. We need to know exactly what we’re investing our whole lives in to finding.


I know this may shock you, because it goes against everything the world tells you. It shocked me, but I am so glad God showed me this earlier rather than later in life, before I waste more time striving after happiness.


I discovered that happiness is so temporary, so unsatisfying, that it is not worth pursuing. At all.

The “happiness” we sometimes experience is an emotion, a feeling. There is nothing real about it, there is no depth to it. Any happiness we experience comes from external sources.

While we are alive here in this dark, evil world, there is very little light, joy and hope. What happiness there is, comes from the world and its unsatisfactory, fleeting pleasures.


I learnt that the sooner I understand and accept this truth, the sooner I will have freedom. Freedom from all the searching, the striving, the struggling.

My life hasn’t been the same since I was set free from this wild goose chase after what this world calls happiness.


Happiness is empty. It is temporary; it comes and goes like the wind. We cannot base our emotions, or what our lives will be like when we find it, or we will be climbing onto a massive rollercoaster with far more lows than highs.


I know so many teen girls who are caught up in this obsession with the things this world says make us happy.


Don’t fall into the trap. Don’t make the mistake of pouring your heart and soul into this fruitless search for something that doesn’t even exist.


No matter what the world tells you, the truth is that lasting happiness is NOT somewhere out there. Happily ever after will not come if you are trying to find it in all the wrong places.


Because, although happiness isn’t guaranteed, joy is always abundant in our Savior. God offers each one of us something far more tangible than a passing feeling. He gives lasting, heartfelt, constant JOY. Joy that comes from confidence in who you are as a daughter of the King, joy that comes from knowing Jesus loves you no matter what, joy that you get from a deep, intimate relationship with your Creator.


There is a big difference between joy and happiness.


The dictionary definition of happiness is: The quality or state of being happy; pleasure. A happy mood; a happy frame of mind.


The dictionary definition of joy is: Great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying; keen pleasure; elation:


It is so much more worthwhile to chase after the real thing than to strive after the cheap imitation.


Don’t make that mistake.


Find joy in God. Find your worth in the Savior’s love. Seek an intimate relationship with your Creator. Resist the temptations this world pushes at you, with the power of the blood of Jesus.

That is where you’ll find the real joy you long for in 2017.



One response to “What No-one Tells You About Happiness”

  1. Cheyenne says:

    This is beautiful, Aviel! I love what you’re saying, and I need to apply this in my own life, and seek God, not happiness, thank you!