Choosing to Enter a Beauty Competition

She stared at the girl running athletically across the football field.

Strawberry blonde shining hair, athletic, perfect body, and a beautiful smile boasting straight white teeth. Guys were flocking to her side and other girls were trying to get her attention.

Jade sighed miserably. It just wasn’t fair. Why wasn’t she pretty and popular? She enviously glanced back at the girl, who was now laughing lightly and flirting with a tall dark-haired boy. Jade noticed another girl, sitting by herself with large glasses, a thick nose and braces. The girl grinned at Jade, but didn’t seem that happy.
“Well, at least I’m prettier than her,” thought Jade to herself.

Once Jade got home, she turned on her smart phone, and started scrolling through Facebook, constantly comparing herself to every picture of a pretty girl she saw.


How many times have we acted like Jade? 


I sure am  guilty. We are choosing to enter into a beauty competition we know we will lose. Each and every time. Tweet There will always be someone prettier than us. We are doomed to fail. And yet, we still choose to throw ourselves in, to stake our happiness on something that won’t deliver.




Because of our lack of trust and complete joy in our hope of Heaven and our faith in God.


I am saying God will give you joy because it is true. I am not denying that beauty will give you happiness. Being beautiful will probably make you very happy.


When you grow old and grey your happiness will fade along with your beauty. But, if you place your trust in Jesus, you will have an inner joy that will last forever. Tweet


Even after you die.


Of course, there will be times in your life that will be miserable, lonely, hard, sad, painful and trying. But even in those times where your joy in earthly things may fail, you will have complete joy and contentment in God.

Dear girl – don’t enter the beauty competition when you know you will lose.


That is a foolish thing to do. It will only spark bitterness and envy, and will eat you up and ruin your life. Rather, be content in who God has made you to be.


Let’s talk about it…

Do you ever compare yourself to other girls?


What makes brings you joy in life?


How are you going to let God fill you with satisfying contentment in your life?

9 responses to “Choosing to Enter a Beauty Competition”

  1. Kathleen says:

    Hi Aviel, I am at the wrong end to be a teenager but I really have appreciated reading your blog. Even those much older enter the beauty competition of comparing themselves to others. So your message goes further than just to teenagers. But I know you want to talk to teenagers so I will not talk anymore and just thank you for bringing this lovely post to the Bloggers Pit Stop. God Bless, Kathleen

    • You are most welcome to come and read, and talk here, Kathleen!! Us teenagers really need older ladies who have been through/are going through what we are going through to speak wisdom and insight into our lives. It is good to have your thoughts here 🙂 this blog is aimed at teen girls, but anyone is welcome, and I hope you can get things out of it too. You are absolutely welcome. Thank you for your thoughts. Blessings to you, – Aviel <3

  2. I’m not a teenager, but I have a daughter who is young and can get caught up in the comparison game. I will have to share this with her. Thanks for posting it!

    • Yes, comparison is hard especially for teenagers. There is so much peer pressure, and so many confused distortions of what we should look like, or do. It’s important we dont get caught up in all the comparing. Thank you for reading this post. All glory to God! God bless you. – Aviel 🙂

  3. Sarah Eliza says:

    Comparison is such a trap, for people of all ages! Thank you for your wise insights and reminders. 🙂

  4. Cheyenne says:

    Hi Aviel, I have to say, I am so exited that your story is so much like mine. I am a 14 yr old, messianic artist. I love to draw,write,
    sing, and babysit. I have always hated what I saw in teens, and like you, I decided to be different. I am so appreciative of the fact that you also have a blog! I found you on the Rebelution, just today.